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We are an all volunteer run 501 C3 nonprofit org

We are all volunteers here at The GBP Rescue Mission. Please allow us 48 hours to respond to your email. We do our absolute best to respond in a timely manner.

Fresh out of business school and feeling unfulfilled by the typical 9-5 job, Felicia felt the desire to make a difference outside of the corporate world. The pandemic hit and everyone had time to foster- so she signed up! Immediately, she was hooked on being involved in dog rescue and started a blog about her fosters and the dogs she met through rescue. Being brand new to fostering and rescue- Felicia met Marissa, who had YEARS of experience in rescue. The first year of working together, the two worked tirelessly on harder to place dogs and local surrenders as they fell more and more in love with the misunderstood dogs needing homes. After months of working together and many successful adoptions/fosters, they decided creating The Gals Best Pal Rescue Mission would be the perfect next step, to assist more of these dogs in need.

Felicia and Marissa

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