Frequently Asked Questions

Info About GBP

Where is GBP Rescue located?

We are a shelterless, foster based rescue. Our dogs are either picked up from state mandated isolation in Westport MA or a foster home in Massachusetts.

How do I reach someone at GBP?

GBP has volunteers all across the state of MA, therefore we do not use a central phone number. All questions should be sent via email to:
Please allow 48 hours response time.

How long does the adoption process take?

There is no specific length of time in our approval process. (Please make sure you are 100% ready to adopt a new PAL before filling out our application.) Our process MOVES VERY FAST!

Our VOLUNTEER team works very hard to get our applicants approved and matched up with your new PAL. We do our best to respond to our applications within 48 hours and once we hear back from you, we will text with you to set up a call and start calling your references!

Please let your references know we will be calling, this will help to expedite! It does take time to process applications, so please be patient with the process.

What kind of training do you recommend?

GBP recommends a positive reinforcement training style training technique, because we believe it helps with the bonding and trust that needs to be built between you and your new PAL.Every dog is different, but this is always the best place to start! There are many trainers to follow and learn from! Please make sure you voice up front that you would like to start your training plan with all positive reinforcement.

GBP Recommended Trainers

I want to help a dog outside the state of Massachusetts, can you help?

Rescuing a dog outside of MA is tricky. There are rules about transport, licensing and regulations that you can’t even imagine. It is very difficult for us to help rescue a dog from another state, where we don’t have volunteers. Someone has to go get the dog from the surrendering home or shelter, transport him/her to a vet, make all arrangements and pay for the vet care, a behavioral evaluation and boarding for the two week quarantine period - and then work out how to transport the dog from where they currently are, to our state, where they then need to have a reservation for a state mandated 48 hr hold in a licensed Quarantine facility.

Sometimes, we can help but many times we cannot. It really hurts us to say no. We will try to refer you to another rescue in that area, if we know of any.

Adoption Questions

How old do I have to be to adopt a GBP PAL?

Adopters should be 23 & older. Please do not take it personally. We understand there are many responsible young adults that love dogs, but it is our policy to not adopt out to anyone under the age of 23.

If you are over 18 and looking to adopt, please reach out to your local shelters, their minimum ages range from 18-21.

I have other pets, is that ok?

Yes! We want to make sure that the dog you are interested in adopting would be compatible with any current pets in the household. Meet and greets can be scheduled if requested and are sometimes required, in certain circumstances.

Do I need to have a fenced yard to adopt?

GBP does not require adopters or fosters to have a fenced in yard, although there are circumstances when a specific dog will need one. The Matchmaker you are working with will let you know if this is the case!

Can I adopt if I rent my home?

Absolutely! We ask that you let your landlord know ahead of time before submitting an application. This helps us to speed up your approval process and makes for an easier conversation when our volunteers call. Breed and weight restrictions may apply, depending on your specific lease requirements.

I have roommates, can I still adopt a pet from GBP?

Yes! All roommates do need to be on board with having a new PAL in the home. Their input will be included in parts of the approval process. If there are other pets in the home, we will ask to see their vet records to make sure they are up to date on vaccines.

I don’t live in Massachusetts, can I still adopt from you?

We adopt to all New England states, but adopters must travel to the Massachusetts location of the dog they are adopting. We do not ship dogs.

Do you adopt dogs out as EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS (ESA) or service dogs?

Unfortunately, we do not adopt out our dogs as ESA or service dogs. Our pals are all rescues with different needs. They will need to be provided their own emotional support as they transition into a new home.

If the pet I like is adopted, will you help me find a different one?

We sure can!! Matchmaking is our specialty! We also collaborate with many other rescues throughout the state, to help find specific matches if we don’t have a good fit available through our organization.

Can I meet a dog prior to adoption?

Yes! But you must become an approved applicant before a meet is scheduled. We do offer priority to those willing to "pre-adopt", as the majority of our dogs that transport to Massachusetts from southern states are headed from their southern foster homes to a new foster home in Massachusetts post transport/isolation. The less transitions, the better!

How many times can I visit a dog?

Once fully approved through our application process, arrangements will be made between the potential adopter and the Matchmaker to set up a meet and greet. If you fall in love- you should plan on bringing your new PAL home that day, so make sure you have all your supplies ready! In certain circumstances, we will allow for the dog to be picked up within 24 hours of the first meet & greet.

Why do you charge an adoption fee?

Our adoption fees only curb the costs associated with the rescue, vetting, transport, state-mandated quarantine, and ongoing food and preventatives for those pups living in foster homes until adoption. We rely on donations to cover the rest.

The expenses for each rescued dog almost always exceeds our adoption fee for them, so our organization relies solely on donations.

What is your adoption fee?

All of our adoption fees start at $695. This includes microchipping, transport, deworming, age appropriate vaccines, a new collar & leash, and their spay/neuter. We do not perform dental evaluations or cleanings.

Our fees as of 4/22/2023
Basic adoption fee: $695.00

Are your dogs spayed or neutered?

YES! Our dogs will be spayed/neutered. The GBP team takes spaying/neutering very seriously. A large part of our mission is to cut down on the overpopulation of unwanted animals and that starts with altering our dogs. Unaltered puppies will be scheduled for spay/neuters in MA at one of our vet partners at the next available appointment.

**We do not adopt out our dogs to homes with unaltered animals (unless there's a written medical reason) This goes against our mission of spaying and neutering to help curtail the overpopulation of unwanted animals.